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How to Work with a Caterer for a Great Event

Creating a positive guest experience isn’t necessarily tantamount to losing sleep due to concerns about details and logistics. No matter if you’re preparing for a personal or corporate event, there’s always a smart way to do it. Hire a caterer and set the stage for good teamwork!

Setting a Budget

Before anything else, determine how much you intend to spend on this occasion. Don’t forget to take decor, labor and rentals into account while listing your anticipated costs.

Getting Familiar with the Venue

Venues in most large cities come with in-house catering and it is challenging the rules will not be easy. If you plan to host the event outside of your company premises, weigh the options of in-house catering against choosing an external caterer. In-house means the cost of your menu will likely be lower. However, using an external caterer will give you the freedom to create your own menu and even the food design. In other words, knowing venue guidelines upfront can save you planning time and help you make good catering decisions.

Defining Guest Experience

If you really want to impress your guests, put yourself in their shoes. This will have a lot to do with the message you want to impart and, of course, the guests themselves. Say, do you want to your guests to gel over an interactive attraction such as a wine station? Are you looking to excite prospective clients with your brand? Using your company logo in your food aesthetics will go a long way in making your event more memorable. And keep in mind that a great will help you make a great impression.

Food Branding

Food can definitely be used for representing your brand too. Be ready for a conversation regarding food inspirations and what you want your guests to remember after your event. After all, food is never merely an accessory to an event – in fact, it’s quite a favorite subject for everyone. If you’re thinking of stirring a media buzz from this gathering, you can do it with exceptional culinary presentation, especially at the social media sites.

Streamlining the Process

Vision boards consisting of images will help your caterer grasp the exact tone that you would like to set during your event. Certainly, you can also talk about it, but being visual beings, we all understand things much better when we can see them. Include as many images as you can. This will allow your caterer to play stretch their creativity even before they enter the kitchen.

It’s undeniable how a caterer can affect the total outcome of your event, so make sure you choose the right one.

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